furniture design

original furniture designs have been made for this house. Some of them are rather an space than anything; the audiovisual space is almost occupied with a 14sqm (4,5x3,0m) leather sofa divided in 2-5 floors with different profiles that allow many resting positions. The whole family can enjoy a movie on a sunday afternoon. Leather cylinders in natural color came from Argentina and are mecanically fixed to a wood structure.

Original concept design for kid bedrooms was a bathroom surrounded by a complex furniture that allowed cabinets and beds to be hidden and the space to be enlarged when any of the brothers was not there. We called the EGGS, and you can see them in the original 1:50 model, orange color.
This design became too rigid for real appliance, specially with kids becaming adolescent and was changed to a more conventional space.
 Arch. Collaborator: Nuria Muruais